Happiness, more or less

9 comments on “Happiness, more or less”

  1. Very nice job. Happiness is like that Ferris wheel, isn’t it? Quite a ride at times. You just have to keep hanging on!

  2. Peter Meilleur says:

    i like this one Elaine!!… it gives you chills as you climb… but once you get to the top you can see for miles… it’s nice the see you again… xo….peter:)

  3. Does this mean you are back in love with photography?

  4. Ohhhh, I do hope it’s more, Elaine?! Thinking of the county fair makes me happy, as I anticipate taking my grandson there again in October, back in America. So many happy memories of visiting the fair in his 13 years!

  5. Chica Umino would like this.

  6. Happiness more than less! Because your blue skies, your return & your beauty will turn my world around, will shake my soul, will lift me up, will make me cheer & touches me deeep inside. So very deep inside, my dear!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. very cool processing! i love it!

  8. superbe le traitement des couleurs

  9. Very Cool effect!

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