Over at the Frankenstein Place

There’s a light…… in the darkness, of everybody’s life….

3 comments on “Over at the Frankenstein Place”

  1. That glow isn’t at all eerie, but the darkness in the trees is. I like the idea that there is a light in the darkness that can touch a person’s life. We look for that and hope for it…and we get very discouraged when it seems not to happen soon enough if at all. A very thought-provoking photo, treatment, and caption. Maybe it’s a bit of your photographic poetry.

  2. i love the light through the trees Elaine!! it’s a wonderful image… it has been a while since my last visit… let’s keep in touch… xo….peter:)

  3. Hi Elaine… i dropped in for a few rays of sunshine… it rained all day here and the mosquitoes are very happy… xo….peter:)

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