The Colour Purple


6 comments on “The Colour Purple”

  1. Beautiful pic!

  2. Baby, this ones goes straight to the heart because it kind of shows the infinity of our intercontinental friendship. And your colours blow my mind every time. Wish I could do it as perfect as you do, sweetheart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. Purple is one color my camera won’t do faithfully. Yours has come out very well. Very pretty! Do you have any idea what type of flower this is?

    1. i’m not sure Phil… looks like lavender, but too long i reckon… maybe a different strain of lavender? and it doesn’t matter what your cam does faithfully, coz you’re not going to post a SOC shot anyway, am i right? lol

      1. Lavender, of course. Now I have to go looking for some. You know very well that all of my photos are SOOC. Would I lie?

  4. I forgot to mention that i like your “Totally Like Me” new page layour… it’s bright and full of happy things…
    and it’s great to be back home:)

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