Chem Trails

Not that I’m suggesting you research chem trails, coz like DON’T, it’s very skeery

3 comments on “Chem Trails”

  1. It’s a pretty photo, but, OK, I won’t research chem trails…because I’ve already read about them. Maybe this answers why I sneeze when I see a jet? 😉
    (We’ve had gray skies for several days. I’m jealous of your weather.)

  2. And I’m following your magical trails. Even if I will be drowning in these crazy blue of yours. I will be following. I will be drowning. I will be there, sweet heart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. i like this image that you captured of the chem trails… they may be poisonous… but they are pretty in this image Elaine!!
    How are you doing girl ?… i worry about you a bit..xo….peter:)

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