swing set for the gods


Let us ascend partially to heaven and build us a swing set and let the moon push us with the tides

5 comments on “swing set for the gods”

  1. You’ve become quite the poet with your image and words here, Elaine. I really like this.

    1. Ginnie, I used to write, but got writer’s block, for over 20 years, but i’m feeling little twinges of writing stuff every now and then 🙂

  2. You & I under that moon will make us ascend to heaven, sweetheart. Though each time I return to you & your beautiful place it already feels like heaven, feels like coming home. And I will sleep under your beautiful skies while you take care of me. And that makes all the difference, sweet thing!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. I wish I had your imagination. You interpret things with a flair. To you, mud is “primal goo that is the earth playing games with water.” To me, mud is just wet dirt. Your photo shows your vision of something gigantic–a plaything for dieties, and you see a radiant background of sky, clouds, and colors. It isn’t just machinery. Oh, no! It’s bigger than life. And it’s just the way you do things. I say “keep it up!” Your photo dreams have their magic!

  4. i love your swing set for the gods Elaine!! it’s a wonderful image with a steak of blue cutting through the clouds like a lighting bolt… you are very poetic today… i like that….peter:)

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