Won’t you take me to a Funky Town?


we are moving this month, and i’m quite excited about it, going to a nice place… but i’m tired right now from detoxing on my low fat raw vegan diet

7 comments on “Won’t you take me to a Funky Town?”

  1. après la fête ,mal à la tête 🙂 ,belle journée

  2. Lots of changes in your life right now, Elaine. Live ’em up! And stay safe….I might add.

  3. And you got reason for being excited when it comes to move to funky town. But just make sure that you don’t forget to take me with you. Being in funky town with you baby feels just like a whole horn section blowing through my mind.

    And please, gimme more of that great William Eggleston like gems of yours.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. It’s sounds like you are on your way to a Funky Town down by the water Elaine!!!
    good for you… and take care of that detoxing stuff or whatever it is:-)

  5. Hi… i’m back… i’m just checking in to see if you have moved yet… because if you are near the Pacific ocean… we are moving in….peter:)

    1. of course it’s near the ocean haha and of course you can move in, you guys can sleep under the stairs 🙂

  6. I see many shots of the new place in the near future.

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