The Tree


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  1. this is a beautiful proud Spruce standing tall Elaine!!…
    it even has an angel flying above it… i like the mountains in the distance….xo….peter:)

  2. looks a bit like something in the rear view mirror 😉

  3. How very lovely, Elaine…outstanding in its field! 🙂

  4. For all the sense of isolation and a feeling of being so alone, there is something that beckons here. It may be the “call of the road”–just that wondering what is just around the bend, or over that hill. Nicely done for certain, but it does make me feel a little like a lost child. Great job and right in the center of your specific style.

    1. what a great comment, Phil… i mean, thank you

  5. Very cool composition. You know what they say. The trees shall inherit the earth.

  6. Hi there my friend… i have some Autumn flowers for you Elaine… i took these shots today:)

  7. Usually the road means everything to me & it scares me all at the same time. But I’ll face the adventures when knowing you will walk with me. Than I will walk with. And should fall behind please wait for me.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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