6 comments on “Blur”

  1. I know…sometimes that’s all we get, a blur. But at least we still have eyes to see! Maybe today it’ll be clearer? I pray so.

  2. Yup it’s a blur Elaine!!… but i can still see everything that’s there… so it worked out fine….peter:)

  3. It certainly is blur.

  4. Stoplights and the Herringbone Sky–this is the cover for their new album. Very dreamlike and very much like my typical mental state. (I’m still waiting for those Diana photos!)

  5. i like this shot, I feel like am watching this scene but my mind is somewhere else contemplating other stuff

  6. Nothing feels better than stumbling through those blurry days with you. You make me all dizzy & lucky, sweetheart.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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