Motorcycle Blues


People think to buy motorcycles out here coz there’s really no winter… then find themselves in the constant cold rain

6 comments on “Motorcycle Blues”

  1. On the road again Elaine!!… this is a great picture of the bridge in the rain…
    i don’t feel sorry for the motorcyclists… they have tough skin… leather clothes and helmets with visors lol….peter:)

    1. yeah i put this one up just for you, coz you said i should stop doing it….. so now i will have to make it a policy to ONLY post pictures i’ve taken out of the window of my car 🙂

  2. It’s the kind of cold that goes straight to the bone! That’s how it is when it rains here in the winter. If only it would snow!

  3. That looks like a Vancouver Fall shot.

  4. Two years ago I met a man traveling by motorcycle. He had stopped in my town and we started talking. He was over 1000 miles from home and was traveling to Anchorage, Alaska which was another 3700 miles. He would travel nearly 10,000 miles round trip traveling alone. Amazing. Even more interesting is that he was nearly 75 years old. Now, that’s a tough guy. Nice photo!

  5. Nearly nothing beats the open road except being out on these open roads with you while windshield wiper slapping time & us singing the blues, dear!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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