Eggleston tribute


5 comments on “Eggleston tribute”

  1. you don’t know just how lucky you are Elaine!!…
    we are paying $1.39 a liter up here lol…
    i like your point of view… looking up at the signs and all the wires crossing every which way…. xo ….peter:)

    1. it’s the same price out here, this picture was taken out of town, always cheaper in the country

  2. Ouch. Makes it impossible to drive anywhere unless it’s downhill.

  3. I was surprised to see how cheap the gas was while we were in America this time, Elaine. And they think no good has come out of Obama??? (Sorry, I’ll try not to go off into politics right now!!!)

  4. Asides the price this is priceless, sweetheart. And I would pay every price just to get us both out into the country & onto the wild side.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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