The Side Table

i put my brain on the table beside my comfy chair, and start typing…. try to appear normal on facebook, that is the goal…. oh shit, they’re on to me… oh well, maybe i’ll be normal tomorrow… tonight, i wish i had a drink and a drug that made me happy, if not normal… what? no likes, no likes on facebook, no likes anywhere… ain’t no like, even my puppy whines as i type that, as the room fills with alone.

3 comments on “The Side Table”

  1. i don’t do facebook… so i can’t give you a like there…
    i like your cat and your reflection in his eyes…
    you are normal… just put your brain back in… before it dries our Elaine!!… keep on smiling… the world will wonder what you’re up to… xo ….peter:)

  2. Hey, Kitteh! 🙂 Hey, Elaine! You’re GOOD!!!!! even if you don’t get Facebook likes. Are they really that kewl? Seriously, the only thing worth the bother are God, yourself, your own family (fur kids and all), and true friends. They will all sort themselves out, you know, and you’ll know which ones like you even if they can’t click a “yes/no” icon to tell you. [Reinsert brain. It’s getting cold and dusty on that table.]

  3. Welcome to the real world, I think? Sometimes I say to myself “If only my kids knew I’d love to see them on FB and my blogs…or will they wait till I die and it’s too late??!” (sigh) I guess we all think we’re too important to be missed. And why not. The world so often DOES revolve around me, myself and I. It’s hard to remember otherwise, right? (another sigh) In the meantime, this pretty face with those kewpie eyes is to die for. I could just steeze the squffings out of her.

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