Out for Lunch


6 comments on “Out for Lunch”

  1. I hope you bought lunch for your model.

  2. i like the picture… but what’s with the stick coming down on his head… cool shot Elaine!!

  3. I immediately started laughing when I read your title because of a sign I read years ago on the store of an Asian company that said “Out of lunch” instead of “Out for Lunch.” HAHAHA. I’ve never forgotten it (obviously).

  4. Hi Girl… this is the same guy i saw yesterday Elaine!!…
    but i still like going out to lunch….peter:)

  5. While your hubby is intently studying the menu, the little guy on his shirt is insanely famished. I hope you enjoyed your lunch date. The photo has a nice glow, and, wow, it does look like film!

  6. Take me there because I am hunnngry.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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