Rollin’ Down the River


6 comments on “Rollin’ Down the River”

  1. Now you’ve got my attention Elaine!!… what beautiful reflections… i like the way that you framed the river with the table on the shore… and the snow caped mountains make an excellent backdrop… this is one of your best my friend!
    …. xo xo ….peter:)

  2. Beautiful shot of those sweet reflections.

  3. What a cool, calm and collected view on a chilly day, Elaine. I can almost taste it.

  4. excellent still reflections, love this view Elaine

  5. This looks like a relaxing spot It would be for me, I’m sure. One thing I always have a hard time understanding is why people live so close to the water…and, therefore, SPOIL THE VIEW. Let me get my breath–I’ll be OK. (I would leave a comment like this only on your website. You accept my quirks.)

  6. It shows simple everyday life and that’s what i like!

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