Kitteh: ‘What fresh hell is this?’
Me: ‘No Kitteh, they are fresh FLOWERS’
Kitteh: ‘No, there some evil thing slouching toward the RV door’
Me: ‘Kitteh, calm down, there’s no such thing as monsters’
Door: ‘Knock Knock Knock’

6 comments on “Fresh….”

  1. What a story! I can’t stand the suspense! Who or what was it? Tell me!
    Love the photo!

  2. Flowers and cats. Two things that make me feel like crap.

  3. And they’re even TULIPS! Nothing possibly can go wrong….

  4. Kitteh was having a nice day in the sum Elaine!!
    i always thought that tulips can sneak up on you…
    i loved the dialog between Kitteh and you…. xo ….peter:)

  5. Just as sure as it’s the other side that matters there are monsters out there. And the do snap at our heels & all we can do is run, run, run & try to cath a glimpse with the only weapon left … our cameras. So stay brave, sweetheart & keep laughing.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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