Fenced In..

“There are two types of freedom. ‘Freedom to’ and ‘Freedom from'” ~Margaret Atwood ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’

5 comments on “Fenced In..”

  1. I’m glad you focused on the fence. It is the strength of your photo. Seeing a fence makes me wonder if it is there to keep people out or to keep them in or if it’s just there so we can fight with it.

    1. yeah no sense on ‘a rebel without a fence’ 🙂 hehe nice to see you

    2. Just there to fight with it, Phil, I believe. And to frame it in the one of a kind Elaine style.

  2. Freedom TO and freedom FROM. I like where that can take us….

  3. to keep us in or to keep us out!!
    … i don’t have fences where we live… just nice tree lines…
    the rust on the fence is the best part of the shot Elaine!!… lots of texture….peter:)

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