Tis the Season

Everybody ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus? 🙂 I am!

By the way, the picture behind the lights is the picture i spoke of in this interview of me by SD Aspherical, click here to read it 🙂

3 comments on “Tis the Season”

  1. That is the depth and real meaning and intention of Christmas. I will celebrate in a quiet way.

  2. the gull is the best picture that you have never taken Elaine… i enjoyed your interview on SD Aspherical very much …xo….peter:)

    btw… my first good camera was a Canon AE1…:)

  3. This is the one year in I don’t remember how long when I am NOT trimming a Christmas tree or decorating the house. It’s a long story…but Astrid just bought a mini-tree, real, that SHE will decorate for the top of our window table, plus everything else. But, YES, I am always ready to celebrate this special time of the year, no matter who does the trimming. LIGHT!

    It was fun to reread that interview from that long ago. Time sure has flown, hasn’t it!

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