9 thoughts on “Ocean Sky

  1. When I was a young, long-haired hippy-type, this song was an anthem for me. Your photo made me remember all the things that happened–so many years ago.

    “And The Tide Rushes In” by the Moody Blues (excerpt)

    I’ve been searching for my dream
    A hundred times today
    I build them up, you knock them down,
    Like they were made of clay,

    Then the tide rushes in
    And washes my castles away.
    Then I’m really not so sure
    Which side of the bed I should lay,
    I should lay…

  2. This is the ocean we have to cross to finally get together. But this sky will not be a limit for the both of us, dear. It’s just there to tell us that even if we can’t get together yet there’s an ocean of clouds that connects your heart & mine, sweet heart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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