You’re Special


“You’re Special”…. “yeah, pffft, short-bus special”

5 comments on “You’re Special”

  1. Yep, true. Every kid that rides in a school bus is special in some way. The hope is that the world doesn’t spoil the treasure. Heaven knows they will need all the help and breaks they can get. I tend to like kids, but, I’m edging toward a rant, I suppose, so thanks for the photo. It really does remind me of an old worn slide.

  2. a nice photo opportunity. ages since i boarded one of those!

  3. haven’t grown up in a place with these school buses, but got the opportunity to ride one during an event, they’re pretty bouncy! 🙂

  4. Man alive! I didn’t know they came THAT long! Can you imagine driving one with all those screaming kids???? 🙁

  5. Baby … let’s get on the bus & feel young & restless & free & as beautiful as these road stories of yours. Let’s ride until there’s no more riding because we’ll be in that photographic heaven of love.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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