Small World

The world is so big and full of fantastic friends that I can afford to throw them away coz I’m an idiot.

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  1. i like your picture of the globe Elaine!!
    but give your head a shake… you can’t throw them away… we need you….peter:)

    1. that was sarcasm peter, i can’t afford to throw away good friends, they are precious

  2. Smiley. HIHI.
    Moreover: the world is smaller than we think it. See or read

  3. The thing is, because of the internet, the world gets smaller and smaller every day and our friends seem to grow by leaps and bounds in the process. It’s weird. How many of those friends, though, are “real” and will stay with us till the end? Actually, even real friends can’t always do that. But I do notice that they seem to spiral in and out of my life. I never know how it’ll all end up! 🙂 Maybe that’s part of the intrigue?

    1. yes peeps are allowed to leave lol nobody wants to take them prisnaaaah…. but still it is sad, how disposable people are on the net, people just want the good times and see no reason to stay if anything ‘human’ happens…. i have been guilty of this sort of behaviour, so i can’t throw stones. but i am always sad to lose a good friend. my best friend cindy, in real life i mean, i have known her since we were 6 years old, she has been there with me thru thick and thin…. i think we are blessed to have even ONE person like that in our lives. xoxoxox

  4. great shot of the world in this angle. i note that Tibet is shown distinctly

  5. You are so far away, baby. But I got you in my heart & under my skin. And with you by my side the world suddenly is small place. Because of you … soul sister … because of you.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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