If Food be the Food of Love…

if food be the food of love… eat on… this is my husband’s sister, she hates me, so i put up her picture for valentine’s day as a protest against not having a box of chocolates to eat and make me feel better 😛 #valentine’s day massacre

4 comments on “If Food be the Food of Love…”

  1. that’s just mean… i’m sure that she would share her chocolates with you Elaine!!

    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day… i had a house full of grandkids yesterday:-)

  2. So, what did you do for Hubby on VD, Elaine??? Lucky for me, most Dutch don’t celebrate VD (only those caught up in the web of American commercialism). BUT Aldi did have some heart-shaped gevulde koek, (large cookies filled with almond paste) which I bought for us (4 to a package, large enough to cut in half and eat just one a day, so we’re making them last).

    1. Ginnie, i slept thru valentine’s day for the most part haha, like i said in the next post, getting that second stupid little book published almost pushed me over the edge haha, been sleeping, i’m up now, bleaching and buzzing my hair off… no more trying to grow it out to be ‘normal’…. i’ll never be normal, so i’m going to be ME 🙂 everytime i look into my perfect future, at myself, my hair is bleached and buzzed, so that must mean it’s as perfect for me as it feels!

  3. And you are so damn perfect to me. Just the way you are sweet heart. So don’t try to be everybody’s darling … me I’m satisfied as long as you promise to be my darling.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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