My Beautiful Husband


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  1. I should think he absolutely loves this!!! I hope you have printed it and hung it on your wall somewhere. BTW, when was this taken?

    1. yes, it was a nice day, i had just bought a nikon D70 back in the day, you know, when digital SLRs first came out…. the outfit cost me 3 grand and i hated the stupid thing haha… we went out for a walk at a lake park to take some pics…. soooo, a few years back 🙂

  2. A great portrait. Shows me an grounded man, with some patience for being photograph. And then compassion and passion. Excellent!

    1. he is a tad more grounded than i am, i must say haha, and he is quite good at being the only subject for my photos 🙂 he tries to be supportive of my work that way xoxox thanks Otto!

  3. This is a great portrait of your Hubby Elaine!!… i like the railing that he’s leaning on and the leaves on the ground and the half bare trees around the scene….peter:)

  4. You’ve made a very good portrait of your beloved husband who seems deeply kind and glad and happy to see you watching him.

  5. You are a lucky photographer. And that is what makes your photography so over the top, sweet heart. A gounded hubby to lift you higher & higher.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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