Bloomin’ Faeries!


7 comments on “Bloomin’ Faeries!”

  1. There’s something joyful in the air and a particular color is preparing itself to invade nature.

    Nevertherless that wood is maybe the one where a Little Thumb coold loose its way and where Litlle red riding hood could meet a dangerous “person” with quite long ears.

    So it’s right: something magic is going to come up with the tree sap.
    The picture’s showing that well, elaine.

    1. i think there is maybe something joyful in YOU 🙂 and it is my pleasure to get to witness it, mon chere

  2. joyful and pessimistic, elaine. maybe cause i don’t try to find links between things my friend

  3. The magic of the woods. Cool colours and indulging light. Can you catch me? Or do you want to hide in the my green layers of moss?

  4. Did I already mentioned how much I love being out there in the woods with you? Can I say that too often?

    You are the blooming faeries I look at when I need the special moment & all I want to hear is how your magic blows with the wind that caress my bald head.

    All the best & kisses, kisses, kisses, Fritsch.

  5. I bet they’re EVERYWHERE, Elaine, don’t you? I love the thought. 🙂 How delightful.

  6. love these rather strong greens, Elaine. i am tempted to reach out and graze my hands all over

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