7 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Faeries!

  1. There’s something joyful in the air and a particular color is preparing itself to invade nature.

    Nevertherless that wood is maybe the one where a Little Thumb coold loose its way and where Litlle red riding hood could meet a dangerous “person” with quite long ears.

    So it’s right: something magic is going to come up with the tree sap.
    The picture’s showing that well, elaine.

  2. Did I already mentioned how much I love being out there in the woods with you? Can I say that too often?

    You are the blooming faeries I look at when I need the special moment & all I want to hear is how your magic blows with the wind that caress my bald head.

    All the best & kisses, kisses, kisses, Fritsch.

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