Carrot Juice Anyone?


5 comments on “Carrot Juice Anyone?”

  1. I like how the carrots are pointing right at the viewer, it gives the image such a nice active dynamic! And to answer your question, I do plan on posting every day – I have quite a few images in my backlog so I should be good until probably 2017.

  2. They could build something like a crown for the spring king, couldn’t they?
    NB i couldn’t have found your new pictures because your blog adress is playing fantasy.

    1. my blog addy has been for almost 10 years, but at the last blog it just POINTED to another blog, that’s why you are confused

  3. And so very good for you. Maybe we were bunny rabbits in a past life??? 🙂

  4. Good looking … I take everything you got cooking!!
    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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