Good Thing

I had a dream I saw an angel… Good thing I had my camera.

10 comments on “Good Thing”

  1. I love it! Having a camera in your dreams is brilliant. 😀

    1. it’s an idea from a poem i wrote 🙂

  2. That’s impressive. You were able to capture an angel from your dream. She looks a little sad, though. Maybe she wants to break free? A strong image, beautifully processed.

    1. thank you Otto, you get me, i MEANT to cut off the top of her head 🙂

  3. you had a wonderful dream Elaine!!… i’m glad that you were able to catch this guardian angel watching over the baby…
    this one is good… good!!

  4. Sweet image with that terrific processing.

  5. I like how the angel is glowing, it goes very well with the dream theme of the caption.

  6. i like your angel Elaine!!… so i came back to visit her… and say a little prayer for you….peter:)

    1. I allllllways need prayer, Peter! thank you sooo much! xoxoxoxox
      and could you please correct your web addy? lol now that it’s saving your info? 😛

  7. hi Elaine!!… i just retyped my http link… i hope that i got it right this time….peter:)

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