Cherry, Cherry Baby


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  1. i love your cherry tree Elaine!!.. i was in Vancouver for a week working about 15 years ago in March…
    coming from the snow in Ottawa at the time i couldn’t believe how the cherry trees could produce so much light and what a fragrance….
    kt tunstall is some kind of fantastic… thanks for that….’peter:)

    1. yes i love springtime here Peter! i do NOT like that 3 week super hot spell near the middle of the summer! and well, the first time i saw kt tunstall do that song, i was so amazed, she makes it look sooooo easy that i almost thought ‘i could do that’ hahaha not

  2. That is so lovely. Wonderful spring colour.

  3. Oh-Oh-Oh! How did you know that we were just talking about cherry blossoms and remembering them from the windmill in Geldermalsen when we went on Saturday for our cornmeal. They were in bloom! And since then, I have seen them around from place to place, though rare here.

    This is gorgeously dreamy!

  4. great shot Elaine, i like the light filtering through the whites and reds of the blossoms

  5. It is always so nice to see signs of spring and I like how you made the image so interesting with an unusual point of view.

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