Cubist Period


It’s that time…

5 comments on “Cubist Period”

  1. That time and place! You’ve just reminded me of the cubist houses in Rotterdam, which I have seen with my own eyes. I would love to go inside one of them:

  2. Very cool. It looks so chunky and solid.

  3. i like this composition of the strait lines… angles and square beams of this cubic structure Elaine!!
    i had to look up what cubist meant and it brought me back to the artists like Picasso and Georges Braque who around 1910 painted beautiful images using strait lines… i learned something new today…thanks….peter:)

  4. Such brutal architecture, very cold and foreboding,

  5. You are a magician, sweet heart, because you even turn the most brutal archtecture into something shiny. You are a magician. And you are an artist. Trust me.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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