Ungaurded Moment

So deep, deep without a meaning, sometimes i see you thinking, tell those men with blindfolds for minds, that their hands don’t make me hang, they only make me feel like sinking, in an ungaurded moment ~ the church song

8 comments on “Ungaurded Moment”

  1. The tilt makes that a very cool shot.

    1. Agreed. The tilt makes it a very unusually beautiful shot.

  2. Wonderful perspective!!!

  3. a cool shot. i like the minimalist feel of this image and the elegant blue-whites

  4. i love the ~church song Elaine… we are both doing churches today… i like the way that you framed it with the contrast against blue sky… xox…..peter:)

  5. I like the deep blue versus bright white look you have going on here. I also dig how the building seems to be in some sort of transition between the earth and the sky.

  6. Sadly, as you know, the Church is usually not at all what it’s cracked up to be, which is so very sad. (sigh) But I do love your image!

  7. Yes i like perspective shot!

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