Getting A Cold

I think hubby and I are coming down with something… All I want to do is sleep and sleep

5 comments on “Getting A Cold”

  1. Baby if coming down with something looks so fine as this beauty of yours it’s all worth the coming down with something. Now sleep & sleep & when you wake up it’s beautiful new morning followed by a beautiful new day & a new comment from me. Which is not that beautiful but full of wishes & love, love, love …

    All the best & hugs, hugs, hugs, Fritsch.

  2. your image of the ice on the window reflects how the two of you are feeling…
    sorry about that Elaine!!

    i had the flu a few weeks ago… and i’m glad that it’s in the past….peter:)

  3. I think this picture pretty much fits the situation, it certainly has a chilled out cold feel with a hint of misery.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh. So sorry, Elaine. Sometimes sleep, sleep and more sleep is just exactly what the body needs. Fill yourself up with it and come back well.

  5. Just a wondeful image

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