The Hope of Glory


taking a break from my photoblog for a while…

17 comments on “The Hope of Glory”

  1. Okay, that is my favourite shot of the day and I have seen a lot.

  2. i like the up a bit more than the down… either way it a great shot Elaine!!….
    sorry i haven’t been visiting… we have been on the road since last Friday….peter:)

  3. perfect! i like the emphasis on this stunning sky with just a little point of interest from land.

  4. i love your circus Elaine!!… i will be back when you are back from your break… i am still on the road and not in the mood for preaching tonight….peter:)

  5. I’m going to pretend this is the county fair and not a circus, Elaine. The county fair I have attended since Nicholas was two has no evil clowns, thank goodness. 🙂

  6. Please take me with you while that ferris wheel is spinning round & round & sings songs of beauty, love & us both running together, baby. I don’t want to be stuck in here without you. I need you & your soothing photographic love every single day.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. I like how the menacing sky makes a perfectly innocent Ferris Wheel seem as scary as the most elaborate roller coaster.

  8. You have captured a both gloomy and uplifting sky. I agree with SD it makes the Ferris Wheel look like a monster.

  9. OK. It’s time to come back.

    1. That’s what wanted to say but you nailed it, Phil.

      1. Phil Vaughn says:


    2. get thee behind me satan hahahahaha jk Phil… i am selling my camera right now and formulating a plan of action 🙂 (not to mention working out my salvation with fear and trembling, but yeah, i’m BUSY ) 🙂

  10. The hope of you returning is the last thing to die & still burning inside of me like the eternal flame.

    1. awwww sweetie xoxoxox

      1. And it’s burning still. And it’s burning strong.

  11. And still I’m praying for your return … Amen!

    1. i’m back my little pigeon 🙂

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