Where Are You?

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“I’ll build heaven and call it home”

8 comments on “Where Are You?”

  1. I love that. A very adventurous photograph.

  2. this is even getter than you think that it is Nazareth!!… it’s a superb mystery in b&w … the birds seem to be carrying her soul up to the heavens….peter:)

  3. I like all the weird experimental stuff going on in the image, it’s very avant-garde.

  4. i meant to say (better than you think) Elaine!!… i would feel at home there…

  5. It really IS full of mystery, Elaine. I like what looks like an angel in the background, coming in on a motorcycle?! 🙂

  6. Add a hint of Dadaism with a strong mist of film noir. Mix with a measure of the surreal and fold in some seasoned imagination. Serve with chilled alacrity. 😉

    1. now you gotta make me google dadaism lol

  7. And where you are there is my heaven, sweet heart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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