it’s gonna come out anyway

nothing's hidden that won't be brought to light... well piss it

Religion is trying to love someone who is someone else’s dream…. well piss it

6 comments on “it’s gonna come out anyway”

  1. Ah, nice photo. Very furtive expression. However, (sorry for being so completely dense) I don’t understand the caption. Maybe you could attempt an explanation or just be really esoteric and let me wonder. (I don’t “get” a lot of art anyway, y’know.)

    1. well, listening to the songs i post helps, but this is a personal struggle, but YOU KNOW ME, i can’t farkin’ shut up haha actually, since it’s a struggle with Jesus, it’s kinda nice to see you here, Phil

    2. ok well, i’ll try and explain, religion, why do we fail at it mostly? because there are many bibles in the Bible, and an atheist can come out with perfect hate and a universalist with perfect love from the same words… or you can try and listen to a preacher then you are REALLY screwed lolol you see?

  2. Mysterious & beautiful … that is my kind of thing, baby. Can’t help but falling in love again & again.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. “Kinda nice” is kinda acceptable. There is a lot of “tapestry weaving” going on in some philosophies and/or attitudes…and, YOU KNOW ME, I’m not talking about the truth of the Bible. 🙂 So many voices all vying for attention and validation and some of them don’t deserve it. You can listen to all of them that you want, but only have to listen to two. I’m honestly really very sorry to post this on your neat blog because I don’t want to foment any blog wars. I will refrain in the future, but i’ll post this one. Please delete it if you want. (OK, back under my rock again.) 😀

    1. now why on earth would i delete your advice? esp when so wise? that’s why i said it’s kinda nice to have you here, coz it would be REALLY NICE to hear your advice…..

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