The Long Dark Tea Time of The Soul

Insane people get messages from God from music videos, just sayin'

Insane people get messages from God from music videos, just sayin’

19 comments on “The Long Dark Tea Time of The Soul”

  1. i like your treatment here, the smooth, fuzzy and soft feel, Elaine

  2. Hey, who are you calling insane? Anyway, I like the light sources in the photo. It does remind me of looking at a negative…in a positive kind of way.

  3. I love that title. It fits with that brooding shot.

  4. That reminds me…do you realize how “stuck” both the Dutch and English are with their coffee time (morning) and their tea time (afternoon)??? It tickles me to no end…but not necessarily a long dark time of the soul for them, of course. πŸ™‚

    1. lol that was a book by the guy that wrote hitchhiker’s guide the the galaxy, making fun of the dark night of the soul book lololol

  5. ah I’ve read that book! I πŸ’œDouglas Adams, although I haven’t read his stuff in a long long time. Kick ass photo you posted too! πŸ˜€

    1. my fave line from hitchhiker’s is right at the beginning where he says ‘it stayed in the air much like a brick doesn’t’…… to this day i can’t get over how awesome that line is hahaha…. and thanks for the nice words about my photos xoxoxox

      1. haha that is a great line- Douglas Adam’s sense of humor is seriously brilliant.

      2. i knoooooow i wish i could have written like that… i only published one of my novels, the rest i thought were such crap i threw them away and don’t write anymore.

      3. you published a novel?! that’s freaking awesome! Writing is really soul wrenching- right now it’s lifting me up so I hope I can stick with it

      4. yeah, hang on, here’s the link, if you dare read the crap i put out haha

      5. thanks! I will definitely give it a read! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      6. sigh, if you MUST torture yourself πŸ™‚ ironically there is a character in it that broke because of a ‘problem with infinity’ i shit you not, this was destiny baby hahahahaha

      7. No way!! That is too crazy a coincidence!! Can’t wait to read it now! πŸ˜€

      8. people seem to like it if they ever do read it, to me, i wrote it when i was young and it was the only novel i published coz i really couldn’t judge whether it was crap or not lololol and i KNOW it’s a waaaay crazy coincidence!!

      9. FYI I can tell you’re brilliant! I went to science and math intensive boarding school, and you remind me of some really brilliant people I met there πŸ˜€

      10. PAST TENSE (bless your pea pickin’ little heart), WAS brilliant lol and don’t even ASK how the mighty have fallen xoxoxox

      11. hey sister? can you please delete all my comments about religion off your site? i should have looked for a private email…. i’m a fucking universalist anyway, i feel no real need to cause trouble for anyone…. most people are better off with a comfort room like in this article hahaha

  6. i like the noir feel here and the sense that anything could happen ever.

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