A Burning Building

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I just want to say thanks

I just want to say thanks

5 comments on “A Burning Building”

  1. You’re reminding me, of course, about all the churches in the States that have been burnt in the last weeks because of the racial unrest. (sigh) We DO have so much for which to be thankful but we have so much more to learn about how to get along with our neighbors. (sigh)

    1. the title burning building had to do with the video below it, and the fact that i must part with mainstream religion now in almost every way, as I am now a Christian UNIVERSALIST, but i’m not afraid of that anymore… i used to be afraid to tell fellow ‘believers’… but… whom the Son sets free is free indeed hahaha, and i’m not scared to speak of it now. everybody is going to be just fine in the end. not just believers with the right doctrine…. as God would sing in the song ‘Have a Little Faith in Me’ by Joe Cocker… ‘you know time, time is our friend’ and sooner or later man, it’s all going to be ok for everyone. it would just be better to know that now so, like you said, we could all just GET ALONG 🙂

  2. You have a very good eye for composition. This is excellent.

    1. awwww ty

  3. And it’s these fires inside of us that keep burning the buildings … that tear down every boundary … that set us free at last, darling.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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