Hey Where Ya Goin’?

What? this car barreling toward you?  It's just a little car, don't be a baby :P

What? this car barreling toward you? It’s just a little car, don’t be a baby 😛

6 comments on “Hey Where Ya Goin’?”

  1. The boy seems almost like an apparition. I like the spooky and slightly haunted feel to this.

  2. It is like a Stephen King novel.

  3. He’s already looking like a skeleton! I hope it wasn’t a death wish??

    1. Don’t worry Ginnie, the picture is a composite lol I wasn’t about to run over a little boy

  4. great creation Elaine!!… the boy looks lean and very fast… i’m surprised that you could have captured his figure lol….peter:)

  5. The street life is a dangerous life but that’s what makes it so damn interesting. And I just feel like the boy hit by your fast car that takes me everywhere & then you tie me to your glourious compositions & never let me go.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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