There’s a Fire Startin’ in my Heart

reachin' a fever pitch and takin' me out the dark....

reachin’ a fever pitch and takin’ me out the dark….

6 comments on “There’s a Fire Startin’ in my Heart”

  1. That blast of brilliance certainly is nice.

  2. i made it through just in time to put out the fire Elaine!!… thanks for all the visits while i was on the road… xox….peter:)

  3. Gotta love those colors and what’s left up to the imagination!

  4. oooohh … Honey … let it burn!

  5. And that’s what you do with me, sweetie … you set me on fire … you take me out of the dark … you are the light & I am burning, burning, burning.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. I like the whole high key abstract thing you have going on here and how after a bit the photograph resolves into a self portrait.

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