I Want Candy


7 comments on “I Want Candy”

  1. i haven’t seen tootsie rolls for a long time Elaine!!… it’s a great colourful picture… but remember:
    Candy’s dandy
    But sex won’t rot your teeth!


    1. dammit! i bloody well knew this post sounded like a euphemism…. in the immortal words of johnny rotten ‘sex is boring’ lol

  2. I had an Oh Henry today. They seem so much sweeter than they used to be. Way too sweet.

    1. I know what you mean, i don’t like super sweet stuff anymore… i think it’s all the chemicals and eeeeevil stuff in it haha

  3. What about licorice? Or what the Dutch call “drop.” The Dutch have a million varieties of it and I think I like them all!!!

    1. my husband loooves licorice, the soft kind, that smells so rich.

  4. No! Not the high fructose corn syrup!

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