She is getting bullied at school... the very thought of it tears my heart out.

She is getting bullied at school… the very thought of it tears my heart out.

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  1. Very hard to comment. My son was bullied but I didn’t hear about it until years later. Bullies usually act in groups. Mobs. My son was lucky because he didn’t have to survive the modern “Social Media” bullshit.

    1. it’s sooo hard isn’t it? i was like that in grade school… the scars last a long time

  2. so sad … it makes me angry!

    1. i know, she’s my niece, would i be over stepping if i went to school with her and protected her all day? coz that’s what i want to do

  3. this portrait of this beautiful child is very touching Elaine!!… bullying has been going on between nations since the beginning of civilization… how do we give our children a more positive path to follow…
    this is sad and it makes me mad as well….peter:)

    1. yes, the dominant nation is always a war based economy, it’s a sad world

  4. I’m trying to remember back to my youth…was there this much bullying back then, in the 50’s and 60’s? It DOES break our hearts, and rightfully so. God have mercy on us all.

    1. it’s just so sad to watch her lose her laughter

  5. That is the worst. And I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with the anti-social media when I was in school.

    1. yes, can you imagine what it must be like for kids these days? with online bullying? almost too much to comprehend!

  6. it is surprising that is so prevalent and has not changed much over the years. a great shot of your niece though.

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