I Have No Recollection, Sir

I have no recollection of taking this photograph, Sir.... 'Are you saying you weren't there?'.... 'No Sir, I may have been...'

I have no recollection of taking this photograph, Sir…. ‘Are you saying you weren’t there?’…. ‘No Sir, I may have been…’

7 comments on “I Have No Recollection, Sir”

  1. Well it’s a good thing you took a photograph of the nuclear powered sunset and the tree if you can’t remember being there.

    1. i know right, it’s on my camera roll and i have zero recollection of it… and it doesn’t even look like something i would go to the trouble of bloody centering… weird

  2. So weird how “that” happened, Elaine…but it COULD be yours. It’s fabulous!

    1. thanks Ginnie, i must have been drunk haha

  3. well nevertheless, i think it is still a great image. works for me, Elaine

  4. Do you sleep photograph? That is a gorgeous shot.

  5. You & your fames is the daily glow in my life. Amen!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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