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  1. I like photographing fences. They make great subjects. Sweet shot.

    1. hey dude, i’m thinking of giving up photography, i think you are the only one who shows up every day, and like, it’s hard for me to find the motivation without an audience…. if my tree falls in the forest and nobody sees it… it won’t exist for long haha… i’m about done i think.

  2. Don’t give up. And don’t wait for the audience. They are a pack of untrustful, ignorant sleepyheads – like me. Do it for yourself and have fun! And continue make great images like this!

    1. lol well lately i’ve only been doing it for my friends, but my friends don’t seem real interested anymore… and i’ve got things i have to deal with in life, like my health and such… you like that image? so i’m not the only strange one out there lol do YOU want to take and make bad pictures? it’s an exercise in fear 🙂

      1. It is an exercise in fear. And I don’t like it, but do do it, because I have to. 🙂

  3. You don’t have to quit; it isn’t necessary. Instead, change your focus. (Sorry about that.) My inner voice(s) say that the blurred shots are novelties, but your “French Doors” photo or the motor scooter photos really shine. If you are like me, then you find a limitation to inspiring subject matter, but that only means you look harder for good photo topics and just don’t shoot “anything” just to be shooting. It will slow things down, of course, but that may not be all bad. As for audiences, it is nice to have one and to see that people appreciate what you are doing, but audiences all lean toward their own tastes and measure what others do in that light whether is it fair or not. You started photography for yourself…So, keep on! Consider it a gift.

    1. yeah it’s just really boring and useless to me to post stupid pictures if nobody is going to look at them hahaha…. that may sound weird to you, but i don’t care to ‘do it for myself’…. what for? i can take pictures INSIDE MY HEAD for myself lol

  4. 🙂 Those “inside-your-head” shots would be really something to see.

    1. i take ammmaaaaaaaazing photos inside my head, you know those ones you see and will regret forever not having your camera? those are always ‘the besest’ photos… cruelly

  5. I’ve read all the comments, Elaine, and am saddened to see you are entertaining the thought to quit. If you aren’t taking pics for yourself, maybe you SHOULD quit?? It’s kinda like loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you (even though they do/will–sorry about the analogy but that’s the first thing that popped into my head).

    Having said that, the whole Internet thing is a conundrum. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

    1. people are lying when they say they have photoblogs for themselves… short and simple, but true… it’s just a way of putting people down for admitting they want to be seen…. show a little weakness and the sharks gather around in the water…

      i’ll stick with as much honesty as i can handle… and NOT put others down for being honest about needing a little human interaction.

      it’s not that i don’t know how to take pictures for myself, but i would go back to film and photo albums if i was going to do that.

  6. Sweet heart … don’t you ever think about giving up. I am there every day even if I don’t find the time to write some super intellectual comments. But it’s you that keeps me going this way to find the stories you tell in the most beautiful way. I need you, baby. I f you ain’t around my world is all fenced & I can’t get out.

    Your humble admirer, Fritsch.

    1. awwwww sweetie, you do my heart good, you really do xoxoxoxox i’ll stay for you ok?

  7. I love your photos!! This one is really beautiful! Also finally got off my butt and read one of your novels! Loved your voice and the casual talking kind of way you write- it touched on a lot of things I think about a lot like free will etc.

    1. free will??? didn’t you read ‘dear johnny?’ or did you read the organized religion is hell book? which was not a novel so that’s why it’s conversational… ‘dear johnny’ is a fun novel… but thanks for reading!!!!! leave a review on amazon peeeeeeeze??? i don’t even know which version of the hell book you read, it’s still a work in progress coz i don’t think i made it clear just how hellish it is, and how sweet THE REAL Jesus is.

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