Field of Dreams



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  1. What is with the ads on your site. Kind of distracting.

    Anyway, another cool image.

    1. is there ads on my site??? dang, i will pay to get rid of them

  2. you built it and i came Elaine… this has taken me 10 minutes to get to make this comment… i love your field of dreams….peter:)

    1. why did it take 10 minutes?

  3. 🙂 “For now we see through a glass darkly…” You know, most of my memories have exactly the same blur. Why is that? (FYI, I don’t see any ads. Just “About these ads” below the picture caption.)

    Glad you are out shooting, Elaine.

    1. yeah, i don’t see ads either, see the same thing as you do… well i might make a project of switching to squarespace… you know me, it was just a matter of time haha

  4. a dream a day keeps the doctor away … and your picture lets me dream!

  5. Your field is my dream. And all it takes to make a day worth running through is you, because with you every field is adream.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. it’s a beautiful day and a lovely spot, Elaine

  7. Dream your dreams (however fuzzy they might be in the beginning), start building…and they will definitely come (whoever “they” are).

    1. why… ‘they’ are veggies lol

  8. Beautiful image! And don’t worry about the ads- pretty much all wordpress sites display them on occasion unless you pay to remove them. Mine must have them now and then too because I haven’t paid for the update…

  9. Or Children of the Corn style nightmares… Anyway, I dig the photo and how the rows are all lined up.

    1. lol that WAS a creepy movie

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