Come Down On Me, Rain


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  1. Now that is a nice artistic rain shot.

    ps Nice silky drawers

    1. hehe tanks

  2. Beautiful take. 🙂

    1. thank you, Ankit, do come back mkay? 🙂

      1. For sure, Elaine! 🙂
        I scrolled to see all pictures, couldn’t see the liking option.. so thought to express my regards with a comment.
        Will be checking out for more. 🙂
        Have a nice day.

      2. oh? no liking? well i’m a comment kind of girl… hehe… i don’t think i get the concept of ‘liking’… i know some people ‘like’ my pictures and never comment and … yeah, no comprehension on my part lol

      3. 😀 Definitely not on your part.
        It’s good to read words and appreciated thoughts from other fellow bloggers, but you can’t go and comment to each post so like is a little gesture for showing ones liking.
        Comment is not bad at all. 😉

        Your blog is totally ‘Like you’, Sparking and Shining. 🙂

      4. see? i knew i would like your comments! and isn’t it much better than liking?? so much more personal interaction, and it’s always positive here… frankly, to be frank, i don’t even know where my ‘reader’ is… so i don’t scroll and hit like the way others do. my bad lol

      5. Ah! Agree with you, Elaine.. On the more personal interaction. 😊
        Comments are definitely the better way, but people are a bit heavy handed when it comes to liking. For me liking a post would mean that I’ve liked a composition because it brought me to think.
        Say I love rain, because it cleans the atmosphere and one’s mind too through their eyes. 😊

        Lol we are falling into a good discussion on like vs comment now.😋

      6. well, i do ‘like’ comments haha does that count? and yes, heavy handed… i once found my ‘reader’ by accident, and had to click the star on everybody’s post haha… i think that’s what ruined it for me and made me think that ‘like’s meant nothing whatsoever 🙂 my own fault. i’m a photoblogger though, not often i take the time to read long posts, i really have to dig a person to read haha

      7. I don’t know if they count or not but they are good to come.
        Definitely not your bad or your fault, if you like something you like it and if you love something you comment over it(Something here is posts/blogs). But still I believe many of the liking maybe very close to loving, there is a time passage which don’t allow you to type all your thoughts down in the comment box.
        Photobloggers are special to me, How one click captures all words in a picture. Beautiful.
        It takes time to read long posts but it becomes so nice when you start to relate to it. 😊

      8. yes, i will read some of your stuff, i’m sure… i already relate… i also read a funny blogger, i like funny… feel free to come comment when you write something and i will visit you back and see your pearls of wisdom…

        i noticed you have a LOT of commenters… i don’t so, i’m free to come say something on your blog 🙂 the advantages of being a BAD photographer lol

      9. Thank you! It will be wonderful to have you around the corner and get your perspective over a post. 😊 You’re all welcome.
        Sorry, but I won’t be commenting about my publishes on other bloggers blog and ask them to reach out(It annoys, it does?). So, you can have your time and read posts(it’s not mandatory to do, it all depends on your feeling to read a post or skip it.) 😉
        I’ve been lucky to have peeps who have appreciated few of my posts and glad to have their view of point or thoughts. 😊
        You ain’t a bad photographer, believe me! You do it for your own-self and maybe a passion, so if someone’s eye found it good.. They’ll make you hear that.
        You’re good.

      10. no no no, it’s NOT ANNOYING lol… it’s how i know when somebody makes a post…. they come and comment and i know they have posted and go check it out…. dang, i will have to add you to feedly or something lol fine, be difficult 🙂 i’m going to go scan your blog for short posts soon…

        i TRY to be a bad photographer and then make it pretty with processing a bit… it’s hard to explain, it’s how i overcame a block 🙂 but thank you, it’s nice of you to say that I’m good.

      11. Still I won’t do it even if it is not annoying. 😋
        Thanks, better to read it when you get some spare time. And yes I will add that it’s not mandatory for you to checkout the blog, it should be on your call of reading it or not. 😊
        Oh! I wonder what kind of block(Do not share in public if you don’t like it). Hope you’re okay now. And yes try to be the best of one.. It will bring joy. 😊
        You’re good and you need to realise and stamp it.
        Smile 😊

      12. you don’t have to do it haha… i will check out your blog from time to time… thank you for saying i’m good… i was a film photographer, which is not an easy thing to be… but NOW … EVERYBODY is a great photographer with digital, and it messed with my head, and i gave up photography for a while.

        The way I got around it was to take bad pictures hahaha but i like my pictures anyway, so i win 🙂

      13. Thanks.
        Good to know, the profession is hard and competitive. It is one area which has evolved drastically.
        Sad, that you took your steps backward. But sometimes its better to rest a bit.
        You don’t photograph bad. Your eyes have a wonderful view and that can be seen in your pictures.
        You’re one of your kind and a winner. 😊

      14. you blog for a LIVING? wow!

      15. No. 😋
        But it is a good platform where you can open your heart and put down your archives.
        It is not for a Living. 😊
        (Sorry, if it seems like a conversation shared over a post instead of a text being exchanged.)

      16. yeah, lay down those archives, brick by bloggy brick, soon, if you build it, they will come 🙂 i’ve got archives going back to 2008!

      17. From last decade! It has been just more than a year for me. I was a sole reader earlier, my friend used to post on her blog and I found it so nice. 😊

      18. well i, for one, am glad you took up blogging 🙂

  3. beautiful … rain at its finest

  4. sideways rain Elaine!! how cool is that… we get sideways rain here all the time when the north wind blows down the lake ha ha!!

  5. Rain here, off-n-on and maybe, just maybe some wet snow one of these days? It’s starting to finally get cold enough. Maybe we’ll have snow in Germany next weekend?? That would be delightful.

    1. prayers for big fat soft snowflakes

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