Way Up High

Well Secluded.... I SEE ALL

Well Secluded…. I SEE ALL

This is so stupid, having a photoblog that barely anybody comes to visit for days at a time. and don’t give me that SHITE about doing it for myself… that doesn’t apply to blogs… if MY tree falls in the forest and nobody sees it, yes it still bloody falls… piss it. I think I might run away and do something different.

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  1. tous bien garé

  2. As you know, one blog I DO do for myself (and Astrid). The other one, well, yes, I do want people to come to. (sigh) They’re all going to FB these days, I think. (sigh) In the meantime, cool change-of-site!

    1. Ginnie, i have an IDEA… but you have to vid chat with me to hear it

  3. Don’t run away. I have only been to a place without much internet access. I always find joy in looking at your photos. And of course you should do it for yourself – that too. And for me. 🙂

    1. Otto, i’m only running away to start a different kind of blog, my photos will be there, but other things too 🙂

  4. you do have a nice spot up there, Elaine. great shot

  5. Nah, don’t do it for you. No, no, no. Do it for ME. 😉

    1. you do have a point there Phil.. you don’t even LIKE photography these days haha

      1. Oh, but I do like photography. Mine? Not so much. Anyway, I see that you already have a new “approach” in mind, so I will just wait to see what you produce. Good Luck!

      2. yes, i do have an idea, Phil… a different blog… I will have my photos in there too, but also other stuff 🙂

  6. i like your point of view Elaine!!… i would likely drive up the ramp against the arrow… but i seldom to what i’m told…
    you sound a bit pissed today… this too will pass…
    keep on smiling…
    they will wonder what you’re up to…

    Rylee says hi… back bark!!!!

  7. time for another picture Girl… have a great day Elaine!!….peter:)

  8. How does one follow your blog? I’d be happy to visit from time to time – but, I didn’t know you were here until you commented on one of my posts. 🙂

    1. well you can clicky on the menu up top and there’s a subscribe button… i’d be honoured if you followed, but my blog is mostly just a photoblog… if you find that sort of thing interesting, i don’t knooooow.

    2. besides, i’m following your blog, so you can just follow back me thinks

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