Give Thanks

Has anybody come through a trying time and then tried your ass off to give thanks for the end result?  As if the BAD was actually a GOOD thing because you were good in the end?

Bad only leads to bad, i mean sure ‘God makes all things WORK OUT to good’ but that doesn’t mean bad doesn’t lead to bad FIRST.  it doesn’t mean that God ever INTENDED us to search or even go THRU the bad.

So STOP being the ‘suffering saint’, bad is nothing to be thankful for!


5 comments on “Give Thanks”

  1. that is a strange looking hero figure Elaine… bad things happen… it’s best to get over them and move on…life is good….peter:)

    1. it’s from a movie called ‘Nacho Libre’ it’s hilarious lol

  2. LOL at Jack Black. What a crazy-fun dude! Without getting into a long theological discussion (that would be fun!), I think you’ve hit on something here…! So glad your light bulb still works. 😀

    1. lol NAAACHOOOOO!!!

  3. Bad things do happen – and often not for any good. Absolutely. But I am not sure Nacho Libre makes it any better…

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