The Church Song

So long, long between mirages… I knew you’d find me drinking… in an unguarded moment.

8 comments on “The Church Song”

  1. I like that nice bleached out image. No sound on the computer right now. I need to get that fixed.

    1. yeah the church song is from the 80’s… they had one hit and then went up against the record company and got black balled… was a good song tho, my bf’s band played it in bars around my hometown

  2. My church is the church of Elaine. That’s where the unguarded moment meets the beauty meets the soul of this lonesome wanderer.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. well, you might be alone listening to my sermons, so our meet and greet after church can be all day and we can go and take selfies

  3. Are those unguarded moments our real selves peeking through?

    1. i can’t tell on accounta it’s so long, long between mirages 🙂

  4. okay totally unrelated (ish), but do you listen to the chvrches music? I loveeee them!!

    1. no haha, my nerves are too jangled and i mostly sit in silence 🙂

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