Open Road

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  1. Open road…with that lovely vanishing-point perspective!

  2. i love the fluffy clouds on the mountains Elaine!!… and of course the vanishing point that Ginnie likes so much…..peter:)

  3. Get your motor runnin’
    Head out on the highway
    Looking for adventure
    In whatever comes our way

    (I have severely dated myself, haven’t I?)

    Love the photo!

    1. isn’t that deep purple? lol i saw them in concert! they did a little comeback tour when i was in my teens… now THAT’S dating myself lol

      1. No, it is by Steppenwolf. Both bands were popular around the same time. (But…hey…I saw Iron Butterfly in concert opened by The Grateful Dead just a “few” years ago (said the aging hippy.)) Is this an official, “I’m old” contest now?

      2. you’re not old, i’m old lol… soon the grateful will really be grateful and DEAD lol

  4. That is a superb shot.

  5. yeah …the picture in the head and in the ears, on the road again from canned heat 🙂

    1. canned heat, i remember that name, Walter

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