My New Glasses

I bought some new glasses today, hand crafted, one of a kind… now i’m out of money for the moment… i know they are crooked in the picture, but they will straighten them, unless I am the one who is crooked 🙂

Not a good time to take a selfie, at the awkward stage of growing out a pixie cut… bad hair day.

5 comments on “My New Glasses”

  1. love the glasses and that they are one of a kind like you Elaine!!… i just got a hair cut yesterday and it looks spiked… but it will grow back in soon…
    i love your selfie….peter:)

  2. Very artsy. You look great.

    1. tanks xoxoxox

  3. You are happy, happy, happy and that’s all that matters. If they’re anything like mine, you’ll like them for many years to come!

    1. yes, i’m happy happy with them, my hair on the other hand… i never make it too far in the growing out process before i buzz it again lol

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