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  1. I think we’re tracking each other right now, Elaine, because “weather” is finally coming to the Netherlands. We may even get some snow this weekend…even though the ground is too warm to keep it for long. YAY for the weather! 🙂

    1. i don’t like the snow anyway… i mean i do like it when it melts right away… big fluffy flakes that melt when they hit the ground; heavenly!

      1. I actually am SO READY for a good snow that stays on the ground for awhile! I know, be careful what I wish for!

      2. lol i never said that, you can call on whatever snow gods you wish 🙂

  2. We’ve had some weather here. We usually do. Oh, and I like the processing. Very HDR of you.
    Is that a B-train? It looks HUGE.

    1. whatchu talkin’ ’bout willis? i hate HDR lol

  3. Your incredulity is striking. Perhaps I should have just said that the colors on your photo are luminous. Maybe? 🙂

    1. that would have been a funny response from willis… ‘your incredulity is striking…’ hahaha

  4. love the colour tones especially the cyan ones in the sky, Elaine. the vehicle on the right has not much room

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