Trapped in a world that we never made, doomed to find out it’s not real, powerless to escape

11 comments on “Phyzicks”

  1. It is all a mere figment of my imagination.

  2. Will we ever know what’s real and what’s not? In the meantime, I’ll just go on believing it’s more or less real. HA! Those beautiful trees look very wonderfully real to me.

    1. you’re spaced out on sensation, like you’re under sedation lol let’s do the time warp again!

  3. but the photo is sure a pleasant one, Elaine

    1. thank you, trees along the river near my last apartment i think

  4. Quantum mechanics has little to do with God’s creations Elaine!!… i love the picture of the tree line… and it is real….peter:)

    1. LITTLE? you’re joking right? or you have never studied quantum physics? the unified field is CONSCIOUSNESS, ya doof lol

    2. Peter i must confess you make me a bit crazy, there’s fact finding, which has nothing to do with knowledge, which has nothing to do with intelligence, which has nothing to do with wisdom… and that’s a fact jack lol or a word to the wise, depending on how good you feel about yourself lol since i can only assume you have never studied quantum physics, and you readily made a doofy statement about it, i’ll leave it up to you…

      1. you used a lot of lol’s in your reply Elaine!!… but your words kind of sting…
        your right i didn’t study quantum physics… i studied music and math…
        what you wrote on the picture has little to do with science… it’s nature’s gift to you….peter:)

      2. sorry i didn’t mean to sting… what i wrote on the picture is a joke, it a take off of ‘REALITY continues to ruin my life’… though jokes can be said to be a gift of nature, i guess… how about a deal? you don’t correct me and i won’t correct you back… i take offence at being corrected when i’m speaking about something i know, and i must needs to correct back lol

      3. Please accept my apologies, Peter… I have a problem with letting things skip on by when they are WRONG hahaha.. I have to learn to shut up 🙂 you said what i wrote has nothing to do with science? did you mean the font? the mention of the word ‘quantum’? what about what I wrote has nothing to do with science? especially when what I wrote is talking about science lol… yes, i use a lot of lol’s because i find what i’m saying funny 🙂

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