And A Cherry Tree

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8 comments on “And A Cherry Tree”

  1. You always surprise me when I visit your blog. I love the feeling of being a voyeur. The horse want some privacy, but I can’t get my eyes off it. And I cannot stop myself keep looking for the cherry tree…

    1. woohoo, woohoo yeah 🙂 Otto, you always surprise me when you visit and leave a lovely comment!

  2. It’s such a peaceful scene, Elaine. Come back to look at it whenever you need to!

    1. it’s lovely isn’t it? i still harbour a love of horses even though i am afraid of them.

  3. Horses are just cool. Your photo is, too.

    1. Kinda goes with the song, doesn’t it? even if there is no cherry tree 🙂

  4. I love the painterly quality of this, fantastic processing. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately work has been crazy and I’m way behind on editing my photos – by about two years. I’m totally okay with it if you want to take a break from commenting, I won’t be offended or anything.

    1. naw, i’m find, yer a bud, i just get bored with commenting when there’s no interaction lol sorry for scaring you with the horror that i might disappear lol

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