Puppy Day Today

I went to see my new puppy today, to pick her out of the crowd… she won’t be ready to go until the end of feb. it’s going to be a torturous wait!!

8 comments on “Puppy Day Today”

  1. Tiny, tiny, tiny, and so cute. We shall impatiently wait for her debut.

    1. she was the tiniest one there, and my eyes glommed on to her immediately, trying to get through the crowd of puppies at my feet, so nervous…

      i picked her up and her nervousness didn’t go away for quite some time it seemed, but soon enough she was resting in my arms and kissing my face with the tenderest of kisses 🙂

  2. So, you found her! Welcome home, sweet baby.

    1. yes, i did, want to hear the story?

  3. she is beautiful Elaine… i’m glad that she found you….peter:)

    1. Thank you, Peter, she is a radiant beauty 🙂

  4. wish you happy times ahead, Elaine. is she adopted?

    1. she will be home on the weekedn of the 27th

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